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 Member Forums

To meet the needs of the very diverse life science community in North Carolina, NCBIO has established membership forums that allow companies with similar interests to discuss advocacy, policy and industry issues central to the development of their businesses.   Descriptions of our existing forums are shown below.

Biotech Manufacturers Forum

The Biotech Manufacturers Forum (BMF) helps late clinical and commercial phase biomanufacturing companies -- and related firms such as vendors and service providers -- share information and address common concerns.  BMF also provides a platform for North Carolina's biomanufacturing community to discuss and address major strategic issues of common interest.  In recent years, these issues have included workforce development and infrastructure.  BMF was a leading force in the establishment of North Carolina's internationally recognized NCBioImpact worker training consortium, which provides dedicated learning and hands-on training programs for North Carolinians seeking employment opportunities in the biomanufacturing industry.

Emerging Companies Forum

The Emerging Companies Forum (ECF) provides a platform for NCBIO's small-company members to discuss issues affecting emerging companies, including matters such as access to capital, availability of wet laboratory facilities, stock option accounting, technology transfer, and a host of other issues.  Forum members meet regularly to share insights and compare strategies for addressing small firm challenges.  The ECF also helps guide NCBIO's legislative advocacy regarding these and other issues.

Medical Device Forum

The Medical Device Forum (MDF), formerly known as the North Carolina Medical Device Organization (NCMD) helps NCBIO's medical device industry members share information and address strategic issues of common interest.  Most recently, MDF has taken an active role in launching and securing funding for Ibiliti, North Carolina's new advance medical technologies center of innovation. Ibiliti has received a $2.5 million grant from the North Carolina Biotechnology Center and is charged with supporting the growth of North Carolina's emerging advanced medical technologies sector.


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